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Strengthening the Capacities of Civil Society Organizations – the Tire Role of Good Governance and the Fight against Corruption in Local Government Units

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The European Union Delegation to Albania has supported two consortia led by IDM and ANTTARC in the framework of the IPA 2014/2015 “Civil Society Instruments – Civil Initiatives and Capacity Building, Albania.” The aim is to increase the role of civil society in promoting good governance and the fight against corruption at the level of local government, especially in the small and medium-sized municipalities of the country.The projects are implemented in an important period of decentralization and implementation of territorial reform and the administration of the country.
Project: CIVILISC – The Civil Society Instrument in the Fight against Corruption will be implemented by the Institute for Democracy and Mediation in cooperation with the Bulgarian Risk Monitor in the 20 small and medium sized municipalities of the country such as Klos, Memaliaj, Ura Vajgurore, Cërrik, Gramsh, Divjakë, Tepelenë, Libohovë, Devoll, Selenicë, Perrenjas, Librazhd, Maliq, Lushnjë, Shijak, Belsh, Vorë, Bulqizë, Vau i Dejës, Has. The CIVILISC project aims to support new organizations, existing ones and networks of Civil Society Organizations with the skills and resources needed to work professionally and sustainably to promote good governance, integrity in the local government sectors through a more active role of civil society. Project activities will be implemented through: assessment / monitoring of legislation, current mechanisms and level of involvement of civil society in the fight against corruption; training civil society organizations in order to increase their capacities in monitoring and advocating; data provision; assistance; exchanging experiences with civil society organizations and institutions responsible for combating corruption in Sofia, Bulgaria, networking CSOs in the country.
The PACT project “Co-operation against Corruption” will be implemented by the National Resource Center for Training and Technical Assistance, in partnership with the Albanian Local Development Capacity Foundation (ALCDF) and the Action Center for the Society in the four regions of Northern Albania (Shkodra, Lezhe , Kukes and Debar). The objective of the project is to “increase the engagement of civil society organizations in 15 municipalities of North Albania in good governance and fight against corruption through financing of their initiatives and capacity building for their realization”. Financing the initiatives of local civil society organizations includes 41 grants that will be implemented in three rounds during 2016-2018. At the same time, efforts will be made to increase the capacities of civil society organizations regarding good governance and anti-corruption, advocacy, networking, development and project management.

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